Fake Trump Elector Lets Poll Deniers Into Georgia Office

  • A new video has added a layer of intrigue in the Georgia probe of Trump’s post-election actions.
  • A fake Trump elector was seen on tape letting Trump-linked operatives into the Coffee County office
  • The group included Cyber Ninjas’ CEO Doug Logan, the man behind the botched Arizona vote audit.

A newly sourced video shows a fake Trump elector in Georgia letting data extraction experts associated with Donald Trump into an elections office on the day that the office’s voting systems were breached, according to CNN.

Cathy Latham, who was working as the Coffee County elections supervisor during the 2020 election, was filmed allowing in at least two men who worked with the data firm SullivanStricker and whose visit was coordinated by Latham and former Trump attorney Sidney Powell.

According to CNN, the two men in the video that Latham let in, Scott Hall and Paul Maggio, confirmed in court documents that they were able to extract at least half a terabyte of data from Dominion Voting Systems machines in the office.


Latham was among the 16 GOP officials in Georgia who rejected the voters’ choice for then-presidential candidate Joe Biden and instead cast state electoral votes for Trump in a closed-door meeting on December 14, 2020. She was also the chairwoman of the Coffee County Republican Party at the time.

Per The New York Times, this new video footage also shows that Doug Logan — CEO of Cyber Ninjas, a firm that gained infamy for its haphazard vote audit in Arizona’s Maricopa County — was one of the consultants let into the Coffee County office in January 2021. 

After the election, a criminal probe was launched by the Fulton County District Attorney into election officials who breached election data, and Latham’s actions have become a focal point in the investigation. Trump and several allies, including Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Lindsey Graham, have also been embroiled in the probe into whether state election laws were violated. 

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Latham had in May denied that she had allowed operatives in and that they had extracted data. 

“That’s bull hockey. If that had happened, that would have been all over town,” Latham said. According to AJC, at least four visits between the data firm and Latham were coordinated. 

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported last month that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is also probing how a data firm linked to former Trump lawyer Powell had made copies of data from Dominion voting machines in Coffee County. It is currently unclear if the Powell associates who visited the Coffee County office or Logan had made any copies of data. 

“While Mrs. Latham does not pretend to remember the details of all that occurred on that specific date more than a year and a half ago, she does remember going to the Elections Office after teaching school on January 7, 2021 to check in on some voter review panels from the runoff election, and she truthfully testified to those facts,” Robert Cheeley, her lawyer, told The Washington Post. Cheeley also claimed that his client “would not and has not knowingly been involved in any impropriety in any election.” 

Latham did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment. The Fulton County DA did not immediately provide comment.

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